Asphalt Services in Taylorsville, Utah

Are you a Taylorsville resident or building owner in need of the highest quality asphalt paving and design services available in Utah? What if you just need minor upkeep or repairs on your current asphalt surfaces?

At Renaissance Asphalt Services, we have you covered in each of these areas and more. Our experienced team has reliably handled every variety of asphalt job out there, from major commercial parking lot design and paving to the sort of individual attention you deserve even for minor repairs.

Asphalt Paving and Design

We offer each of the following services when it comes to designing, paving and accentuating your new asphalt services – whether you’re looking for a larger lot or a smaller paved area:

  • Paving services: We’re a full-service paving company, meaning we handle your job from start to finish. If there is old asphalt that needs to be removed from the lot area, we’ll perform this task for you. If it’s just vegetation or other obstacles, the same thing goes. From here, we’ll grade the surface and ensure it’s properly sloped, then pave your new surface using one of a few different asphalt composition formats.
  • Asphalt sealing: Once asphalt has been paved, protecting it is the next vital step. This is accomplished through our quality sealing, which protects the surface from both the weather elements and the pressures of vehicles and other heavy loads.
  • Striping: Whether you require parking lines, directional indicators or any other area of asphalt striping, we’re also here to help with this. We’ll work with you to find the proper paint quality within your budget and needs, then design and apply your striping as needed.

Patching, Maintenance and Asphalt Repair

In addition to our quality asphalt paving and striping services, we also offer each of the following upkeep and maintenance areas:

  • Repairs: Cracks and other asphalt damage areas are the earliest signs of decomposition, but we’ll use air pumps and other materials to limit these risks.
  • Patching: For surface damage to asphalt, our patching services will even out the surface and return it to like-new status.

20+ Years of Service

Our team of asphalt technicians has been serving Utahns for over 20 years, beginning in 1996. We’re all fully licensed and insured, and our services have built the kind of lasting reputation that brings our clients back to us time after time. We’ve even moved into other home services, such as snow removal for winter residents in need.

To learn more about any of our asphalt paving or repair services in Taylorsville, speak to the staff at Renaissance Asphalt Services today.