Asphalt Services in West Jordan, Utah

Are you looking for high-quality asphalt services for your home or business in West Jordan, Utah? You’ve come to the right place. The professionals at Renaissance Asphalt Services are here to help with any and all asphalt projects you require assistance with.

In business for over 20 years serving clients throughout the state, we handle several broad construction processes with expertise and care. All our asphalt paving, sealing, repair and additional services come with a satisfaction guarantee and a friendly, warm smile.

Paving, Sealing and Striping

We provide all of the following high-quality services for installing new or replacement asphalt on any surface:

  • Paving: We’ll walk you through every step of the paving process, from demolition of previous lot materials to proper recycling of old materials, grading for new surface, and the actual paving itself. Our asphalt is made of a strong, durable combination that we can vary slightly depending on your exact needs.
  • We’ll also provide you with a strong, lasting seal coating that protects asphalt from sun, rain, snow, and various pressure from vehicles. These extend asphalt lifespans by years.
  • Striping: We use only the highest-quality paint and that will not chip or wear off, bringing you professional-looking parking lot and other paved spaces. We understand all the chemical interactions between paint and your asphalt, plus how temperature will impact things here.

Asphalt Patching, Repair and Maintenance

We also offer each of the following services for existing asphalt:

  • Patching: For areas with potholes or other minor damage, we perform patching that returns the surface to an even, smooth lot. We have asphalt cutters that are highly valuable for addressing pothole areas in larger lots.
  • Repair: Cracks may eventually form in even the strongest asphalt, but we have all the tools to help reverse this damage. We use specialized air pumps to blow dust and dirt out of the cracks before repairing them, which we do using high-quality heated material that can’t be penetrated by moisture.
  • Maintenance: We’re happy to offer expertise and practical assistance with numerous asphalt maintenance areas, from preventing oil spills to protecting the asphalt from certain common weather conditions.

Your Trusted Local Team

Through all of the above services, you’ll be met by a friendly team dedicated to your satisfaction. We’ve built a wide list of repeat customers over our two-plus decades serving Utahns based on our commitment to quality, speedy service the first time, backed by our licensing, insurance and bonding for all projects.

For more on any of our asphalt services in West Jordan or surrounding areas, speak to the pros at Renaissance Asphalt Services today.